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To Do News Kingdom Of Bahrain: Unveiling Jeddah Finest Beach Escapes

To Do News Kingdom Of Bahrain: Unveiling Jeddah Finest Beach Escapes

Basking in the sun, relishing soft sands, and embracing the azure waters – Jeddah coastal treasures offer idyllic escapes once you’ve checked off the cultural highlights on your itinerary. Amidst swaying palm trees, golden shores, and tranquil waters, these pristine private beaches are the embodiment of serenity and leisure.

Jeddah proximity to the Red Sea blesses it with some of the most captivating beaches in the Middle East. Here are the finest havens where you can unwind:

Al-Saif Beach: A welcoming oasis since 2015, this sandy retreat is a beloved choice for local families. Framed by palm trees, the sandy expanse is dotted with kite-flying children, and its shallow waters cater perfectly to parents accompanied by their little ones. Sunset views here are unparalleled, offering a serene sight. Keep in mind that dining options are limited, so carrying your own refreshments ensures uninterrupted relaxation. Location: Jeddah, www.jeddah.gov.sa.

Durrat Al Arous: This historical private beach, the oldest of its kind in Jeddah, beckons without the need for membership. The expansive stretch, home to a myriad of beach villas, a diving school, and even a golf course, extends its hospitality to all. An on-site theme park adds a dash of excitement. Pre-booking is essential, especially during local holidays, as spaces vanish swiftly. Situated around 40km north of Jeddah, it remains a cherished destination for local families. Location: Durrat Al-Arus, Jeddah (+92 321 305 1519).

Indigo: For those seeking a luxurious, sophisticated beach experience, Indigo stands as the pinnacle of exclusivity. Accessible only through annual membership invitations, Indigo replicates the charm of Bali, nestled in Obhur, a prominent locale for Red Sea exploration. Members revel in beachside living, infinity pools, cascading waterfalls, spas, boat excursions, and more. Gym, spa, arcade, and screening room facilities enrich the experience, culminating in ultimate beachside luxury. Location: Prince Abdullah Al Faisal Street, Obhur, Jeddah (+966 12 234 4624).

OIA: With its white stone structures and chic waterfront cafes, OIA exudes an ambiance reminiscent of Greek isles. Engage in water sports, kayaking, and sailing while the little ones relish the floating water park. The relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere is complemented by a variety of dining choices, including the main restaurant, Pareya, serving beachside favorites. Location: 8984 Prince Abdullah Al Faisal Street, Al Loaloa District, Jeddah (+966 55 532 5649).

Silver Sands Beach: For a quintessential coastal experience, head to Silver Sands Beach. Powder-white sands and crystalline waters welcome families for endless play. A pizza restaurant on-site caters to appetites, making it a perfect spot to indulge in leisurely beachside delights. Open daily 9am-6pm. Location: Prince Abdullah Al Fiasal Street, Al Lulu, Jeddah.

Jeddah coastal jewels beckon, offering sun-soaked serenity and cherished memories amid stunning natural landscapes.

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