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Varieties News Kingdom Of Bahrain: Witness the Perseids Meteor Shower Lighting Up Oman Night Sky

Perseids Meteor Shower Graces Oman’s Night Sky The celestial panorama above the Sultanate of Oman is currently adorned with the Perseids meteor shower, a captivating astronomical event set to grace the heavens until the 24th of August, with its climax anticipated during the night of Saturday, August 12th, through the early hours of Sunday, August 13th.

Ashwaq Nasser Al Siyabi, a valued member of the Executive Committee of the Oman Astronomical Society, shared insights with the Omani News Agency (ONA) on optimal strategies for beholding this phenomenon. Al Siyabi recommended observing the meteor shower from locations veiled in darkness, far removed from light sources, urban pollution, and any obstructing elements such as towering trees.

For those with a penchant for stargazing, directing one’s gaze towards the northeastern expanse, in proximity to the Perseus tower, proves advantageous. This particular locale is recognized as the radiant point from which the meteoric spectacle will manifest during the midnight transition from Saturday to Sunday.

Enthusiasts of the cosmos, as well as amateur astrophotographers, are presented with an exceptional chance to capture this resplendent spectacle, which unveils itself with remarkable clarity even to the unaided eye.

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