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The Better World Fund is dedicatedly committed to utilizing cinema and art to propagate humanitarian action and foster sustainable development on a global scale. By forefronting its primary goal of raising awareness and collecting funds for impactful initiatives, the organization aspires to harness the power of cinema’s awareness to illuminate impactful films centered around social, educational, and environmental causes.

The uniqueness of the organization unveils itself through its revolutionary format that offers a program of profound richness and brimming hope. Within it, a variety of activities flourish, ranging from conferences to masterclasses, and including the “Academia for a Better World” program. Networking opportunities, such as cocktails, luncheons, and lavish gala dinners accompanied by artistic performances, are also integral to the offered experience. Furthermore, the Better World Fund honors leaders, entrepreneurs, and artists by presenting them with awards in recognition of their positive impact in their respective domains.

The forthcoming program in 2023 promises to be extraordinary, and it awaits you at the Venice Film Festival. From September 7th to 9th, 2023, Cinematic Art will be at the Service of Humanity.

Since 2016, through tangible actions, prestigious international events, and inspiring cultural programs, we have brought together celebrities, filmmakers, and leaders from all over the world, all driven by the desire to positively influence the future of our society.

On September 7th and 8th, 2023, at the Ca’ Sagredo Hotel and La Scuola Grande Della Misericordia di Venezia, we will delve into the theme of “Women Empowerment,” as part of the 80th Edition of the Venice Film Festival 2023. An event in support of the Maria Callas Foundation, where cinematic perspectives will intertwine with humanitarian aspirations to forge a better world.



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the Better World Fund :

Using Cinema For Awareness And Humanitarian Action

The Better World Fund acknowledges the role of cinema as a powerful conduit for social, educational, and environmental values. It employs this platform to raise public awareness about crucial issues and to gather funds in support of humanitarian action and sustainable development worldwide.

Disruptive Format And Significant Events

The organization distinguishes itself with its innovative format, seamlessly integrating elements like conferences, masterclasses, social networking, and gala dinners. These events create spaces where leaders, entrepreneurs, and artists can share their ideas and positive achievements, thereby inspiring others to take action for a better world.

Recognition Of Positive Initiatives

The Better World Fund honors and rewards individuals who have played an essential role in initiating a positive impact within their respective domains. This recognition aims to encourage and celebrate those who have brought about meaningful and inspiring changes in society, whether they are leaders, entrepreneurs, or artists



Breaking-news-kingdom-of-bahrain.com is excited to announce a powerful collaboration with a prestigious foundation at the Venice Film Festival, highlighted by the participation of Isabelle Huppert, Rossy de Palma and more…,  Together, we are committed to advancing environmental, social, and humanitarian causes.

This partnership showcases our resolute commitment to a sustainable world while offering a significant platform to enhance the foundation’s reputation and visibility. Through a synergistic approach with influential figures, our joint objective is to address pressing global issues, raise consciousness, and drive meaningful change within the realms of entertainment, fashion, and philanthropy.

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