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Kids News Kingdom Of Bahrain – Discover the Best Kids’ Books for Young Readers

Kids News Kingdom Of Bahrain – Discover the Best Kids’ Books for Young Readers

Dear Zoo Author: Rod Campbell Synopsis: In this enduring classic, a child writes to the zoo in search of a pet. The zoo obliges by sending a series of unsuitable animals, each revealed through flaps in crates and packing cases. These animals are returned for various reasons, except for the last one, which turns out to be the perfect pet. Despite being 25 years old, “Dear Zoo” remains as popular as ever.

Feedback from a Four-Year-Old: This book reminds me of my grandparents in London who always read it to me. I love lifting the flaps to see the animals. Having a pet tiger would be fun, as long as it doesn’t eat me!

What’s Your Favourite Animal? Author & Illustrator: Various Artists Synopsis: “What’s Your Favourite Animal?” features fourteen renowned picture book illustrators, each drawing their favorite animals and explaining their love for them. What’s your favorite animal, and can you draw it?

Feedback from a Four-Year-Old: My favorite is a unicorn, though no one mentions it in the book. Someone says a horse, which I like too. I’ve read this book many times with my mom. The pictures are pretty, and I’ve tried drawing some of them.

The Giant Jumperee Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Helen Oxenbury Synopsis: Julia Donaldson’s captivating story, beautifully illustrated by Helen Oxenbury, is destined to become a classic. This non-rhyming text is a delightful departure for the author, captivating young readers and leaving them yearning for more.

Feedback from a Four-Year-Old: This is my new favorite book. I want to share it with my class at school. We can all shout ‘I’m the giant jumperee’ together. The animal in the cave isn’t as scary as I thought, and the drawings are nice.

There’s a Monster in Your Book Author: Tom Fletcher Illustrator: Greg Abbott Synopsis: An interactive picture book that engages young readers until the very end. Children are invited to spin, tilt, shake, and interact with the book to scare the friendly monster away, tickle its foot, and even put it to sleep. Ideal for bedtime.

Feedback from a Four-Year-Old: There’s a friendly monster in my book. He’s cute and won’t hurt you. He’s a little bit naughty. The book tells me to get rid of him, but I’m not sure I want him in my room either.

Ages Five to Eight

The Dinky Donkey Author: Craig Smith Synopsis: The hilarious sequel to “The Wonky Donkey” brings more laughter. The Wonky Donkey now has a daughter, and their misadventures continue. Hee Haw!

Feedback from a Six-Year-Old: I like rhyming books, and this one is funny. My sister and I shout ‘Hee Haw’ on many pages.

Mr. Penguin and the Lost Treasure Author & Illustrator: Alex T. Smith Synopsis: The first book in a series that combines adventure and humor. Mr. Penguin, an adventurer and hero, embarks on a journey filled with mystery, steampunk elements, and quirky characters.

Feedback from a Six-Year-Old: I’ve started reading chapter books, and this one is great. I can read it myself now. It’s funny and has cool pictures. I read it to my mom, and we both giggled a lot.

The Magic Faraway Tree Author: Enid Blyton Synopsis: A classic by beloved author Enid Blyton. Follow three siblings as they discover a magical tree with mystical creatures and exciting adventures in different lands.

Feedback from a Six-Year-Old: This is full of magical things. I wish I could try pop cakes and toffee shocks from the story. The characters are funny, and I love the fairy.

Matilda Author: Roald Dahl Synopsis: Matilda, a child prodigy, deals with her uncaring family and tyrannical headmistress using her newfound telekinetic powers.

Feedback from a Six-Year-Old: I’ve read this about ten times. Matilda is brilliant, and Mrs. Trunchbull is mean but funny.

Ages Ten and Over

Bloom Author: Nicola Skinner Synopsis: Sorrel Fallowfield discovers Surprising Seeds that lead to unexpected events. The story combines magic, friendship, nature, and challenges societal norms.

Feedback from an Eleven-Year-Old: The writing style flows well. I couldn’t stop reading to find out what happens. It’s about magic, friendship, and nature, with a touch of villainy.

Malamander Author: Thomas Taylor Synopsis: This spooky fantasy introduces adventure, humor, and mystery in a steampunk-inspired world.

Feedback from an Eleven-Year-Old: Spooky and funny. The characters and settings are cool. The mystery of the Malamander is exciting, and I love the unique characters.

The Boy at the Back of the Class Author: Onjali Rauf Synopsis: Told from a child’s perspective, this book addresses the refugee crisis, emphasizing friendship and kindness.

Feedback from an Eleven-Year-Old: Engaging story from a child’s viewpoint. It teaches not to judge others based on appearances.

The Many Worlds of Albie Bright Author: Christopher Edge Synopsis: Albie searches for parallel universes to reconnect with his deceased mother in this engaging and educational book.

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