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Doha Shura Council Gears Up for the Third Regular Session of Its 52nd Annual Meeting

Doha Shura Council Gears Up for the Third Regular Session of Its 52nd Annual Meeting

In an official statement made by Dr. Ahmed bin Nasser Al-Fadhala, the Secretary-General of the Shura Council, on October 21, the preparations for the third regular session of the first legislative term were finalized, corresponding to the 52nd annual meeting of the Shura Council, scheduled for the upcoming Tuesday.

In a press conference held in anticipation of the commencement of the third regular session, Dr. Al-Fadhala highlighted the meticulous preparations made by the General Secretariat for this significant annual event. He pointed out that during the previous sessions, the General Secretariat witnessed remarkable developments in terms of its administrative structure and the appointment of competent national talents to work in this vital legislative field.

Dr. Al-Fadhala emphasized the unique nature of working in this domain, where employees acquired a diverse set of skills, given the Council’s essential legislative and oversight role, alongside their training in parliamentary diplomacy.

The Secretary-General of the Shura Council also touched upon the efforts of the General Secretariat in raising public awareness of the Council’s vital role. Several state entities were invited to attend Shura Council sessions, and the Council hosted students and researchers from various educational institutions within the country. This exchange aims to enrich their knowledge and enhance their understanding of the Shura Council’s role.

Regarding the restructuring of the Secretariat’s departments, Dr. Al-Fadhala clarified that the General Secretariat has already completed the restructuring of its departments according to the Council’s mandates. He highlighted that the General Secretariat offers comprehensive support to facilitate the Council’s operations and meet its various administrative, financial, technical, and legal requirements. This restructuring aligns with the country’s permanent constitution.

The General Secretariat’s structure comprises 12 departments, in addition to the Office of Experts, which contributes to empowering the General Secretariat to fulfill its responsibilities and manage all administrative, financial, technical, legal, and other tasks assigned to it, while also supporting parliamentary work.

Dr. Al-Fadhala discussed significant achievements in the administrative field over the past two years. He stated, “The last two years have seen significant progress, with the adoption of the organizational structure and the regulations of the Secretariat, as well as the appointment of qualified individuals to fill the required positions. Moreover, several courses and workshops were conducted to enhance the employees’ skills and meet the requirements of the Council’s work.”

He also noted that the administrative developments have led to an increase in the Council’s staff numbers and the representation of women in its ranks. New departments, such as the Members’ Affairs Department, have been established to support Shura Council members. Furthermore, the General Secretariat facilitates the participation of Shura Council members in various parliamentary events and provides them with necessary information to enhance their contributions to the Council’s work.

The administrative system and the foundational framework of the General Secretariat have been enhanced, digitizing procedures related to both administrative and general Council operations, including strengthening cybersecurity within the Council.

Dr. Al-Fadhala emphasized that the work of the General Secretariat is not limited to the beginning and end of a session but is continuous. It encompasses all necessary administrative tasks to ensure the legislative process runs smoothly.

Regarding the approval of the Council’s internal regulations, he explained that the Council approved the draft internal regulations during the previous session, and the legislative procedures for its implementation are currently underway.

Dr. Al-Fadhala also highlighted the pivotal role of the media in covering the Council’s activities, emphasizing that the media is an essential partner in conveying the Council’s events and raising public awareness about its work. He stressed the ongoing cooperation between the Council and the media, enhancing it by providing the necessary data and information required for a complete and informed coverage.

In a related context, Dr. Al-Fadhala discussed the contributions of the Association of Secretaries-General of Arab Parliaments, of which he serves as the President. He affirmed the Association’s success in promoting collective Arab work by engaging with regional and international developments. This success has garnered widespread recognition from Arab parliaments.

Furthermore, he mentioned that Qatar hosted the 10th conference of the Association of Secretaries-General of Arab Parliaments last September, with the theme “Digital Democracy, Social Media, and the Role of Legislative Councils in Promoting It.” During the conference, significant discussions took place, and amendments to the Association’s bylaws were adopted, aiming to enhance the role of the Secretaries-General and their effectiveness in parliamentary work.

Dr. Al-Fadhala expressed his hope that the Shura Council, during the third regular session of the first legislative term, will fulfill its aspirations, meet the citizens’ expectations, and serve the higher interests of the country, as outlined in Qatar’s National Vision 2030. He also commended the leadership of Mr. Hassan bin Abdullah Al-Ghanim, the President of the Shura Council, and the remarkable efforts of all the honorable members during the past period. The completion of all preparations signifies the Council’s commitment to its mission and responsibilities.

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